We do three things. One, we help brands develop their brand identity, strategy and key messaging. Two, we create effective marketing materials. And three, we implement communication campaigns using the right communication channels to reach target audiences.

Once you have an identity and a position to communicate, then you can create materials and content. We can develop a range of materials in line with your corporate look and feel to expand the company profile and extend its reach.

If you are a small or medium company (SME) or a start-up, you may not have a marketing department or even a marketing person responsible for the brand/ing. We can act like an in-house department to provide you with a bespoke service. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Corporate literature/documents, information design/data visualisation
  • Exhibition work
  • Website design/development and user experience (UX)
  • Video Copywriting/content creation.

No job is too small. If you just need help with sending an email newsletter or placing a one-off advert, we can do this too.

Connect with Etcx3 today to discuss your ideas.

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