Folio 1

folio1_mainClient: Mintel is a global Market research and market insight supplier providing databases, analysis, and forecasts to subscribing clients.

Project: A multi-media client project to include market, consumer and innovation content derived from Mintel data and analysis in both book and digital forms in order raise the level of perception of what research can be.

Result: Loop. In order to create a stimulating journey through the Mintel narrative, each section was approached in not only different visual styles, but also a change in paper stock, print and finishes as well as gaming and social activities. Loop takes Mintel into a whole new territory bringing together hundreds of contributors across the world to share in one vision is an accomplishment that everyone should be proud of. Much was learned along the way with expertise and enthusiasm coming from all who took part, from the initial ‘big idea’ to the process of designing, writing, editing and crafting something coherent. It might have been anticipated that there would be resistance from some quarters, in that people were being asked to put in extra labour to their day-to-day jobs, but the process proved to be a reflection of a company with a unified and forward-thinking outlook. The project is not so much a publication as an ongoing campaign with multimedia content developing beyond the original framework.

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