identity_mainWe do three things. One, we help brands develop their brand identity, strategy and key messaging. Two, we create effective marketing materials. And three, we implement communication campaigns using the right communication channels to reach target audiences.

You know your business better than anyone. But do you really know how your clients or customers perceive your business? Are you presenting it in the right way and to the right people?

We will help you develop your vision for your brand and your branding. Working to your requirements we can deliver everything from a logo to a complete start-up corporate identity, from brand development or a rebrand to ongoing support or some advice.

A brand lives in the mind of your audience. Let us help you to perceive as they do. Sometimes branding is something of a foreign language. Allow us to interpret. We can advise, research, interview directors, staff and key clients to find out what your brand means to those that matter. We can then create the relevant brand image, messaging and marketing materials. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Brand identity and development
  • Strategy, planning and research.

No job is too small. If you just need help with sending an email newsletter or placing a one-off advert, we can do this too.

Connect with Etcx3 today to discuss your ideas.

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